Photography Suresh Serafini’s photography, between nature and experimentation

Suresh Serafini’s photography, between nature and experimentation

Giulia Guido
suresh serafini

For many, the lockdown period has not been easy, the isolation from the outside world and the lack of impulses has meant a loss of creativity. Others, on the other hand, have tried hard to find a hint of inspiration within the four walls of their home. Among these is certainly Suresh Serafini

Born in 1995, Suresh Serafini was born in India, in Goa, and grew up in the Marche region, in the town of Porto Sant’Elpidio. Before the pandemic, Suresh divided his time between fashion photography and lifestyle photography, both fields in which the human element is essential. Once he found himself, like the rest of us, locked in his house, he had to focus on something else. 

Instead of giving up, he let himself be carried away by inspiration and also by the desire to experiment and, in the end, the flowers in his garden proved to be the ideal subjects. To describe these new shots, which depart from his own style, Suresh borrowed the words of German photographer Juergen Teller: “I’m not interested in photography, I’m interested in how I can express my ideas and feelings.” 

For Suresh, working on these photographs was like doing a street photography project, but instead of looking for something to photograph on the streets of the city, he did it inside his home.

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Discover below the shots of Suresh Serafini’s latest project and follow him on Instagram not to miss all his future works. 

Written by Giulia Guido
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