Design The winery carved out of the hills of the Texas Hill Country

The winery carved out of the hills of the Texas Hill Country

Giulia Guido

In the Texas Hill Country region, stretching between Austin and San Antonio, in one of the many hills that grace the landscape, the Hill Country Wine Cave, a winery literally carved out of the rock, has just been completed. 

Architectural studio Clayton Korte designed this winery for a private client who lives on a ranch not far from it. When Clayton Korte and his team took on the project, the request was to transform a tunnel five metres high and 21 meters deep into a place to store a collection of wines but also to taste them with friends. 

The winery plays on the contrast between the colour and texture of the limestone and the wood used for both the supporting structure and the furniture. In fact, like those who have the hobby of building small ships out of glass bottles, a wooden module has been inserted into the cave to insulate and waterproof the interior. 

The interior space is divided lengthwise into two rooms: the first is a tasting room with a bar and access to a bathroom, while the second is a room for storing wine and can hold a collection of 4,000 bottles. 

An enormous glass wall was used to divide the cellar in two, the same one that was placed at the entrance. This choice was dictated both by the need to let in as much natural light as possible and by the desire to create a dialogue between inside and outside. 

The outside area adjacent to the entrance has been transformed into a sort of patio where one can stop and taste the wines in contact with the nature of the Texas Hill Country.   

Texas Hill Country
Texas Hill Country
Texas Hill Country

PH: Casey Dunn

Written by Giulia Guido
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