Photography The Framed Sea, Levan Kiknavelidze amazing illusions
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The Framed Sea, Levan Kiknavelidze amazing illusions

Giulia Pacciardi

Reality and illusion.
These are the concepts behind ‘The Framed Sea‘, the project by architect and photographer Levan Kiknavelidze that managed to combine his two souls in 15 fascinating, but fictional, shots.

If all the elements of the photographs are real, in fact, what creates the illusion are the blue expanses outside the windows and doors.
The Black Sea of Georgia is the former, while Berliners are the latter.
To divide them more than 3000 km, to unite them the history of the artist, born and raised in Georgia and now living in Berlin.

A project that has led the author to a critical reasoning towards social media, guil, according to him, of having the function of unreal showcases created ad hoc to be the perfect link between what we would like to be and what we really are.
Between the perfection that we try to show and the imperfect truth that we live.

This way of seeking for perfectionism is demonstrated in my series: the framing shows the views to the same sea. And while it appears real, it can also be disbelieved. I think we’ve perfectly customized social media into a medium that illustrates an illusory nature of us,and not the other way around”.

A series that talks about connections, impossible connections, truth and constant search for something that does not exist but that, in some way, we can make real.

Photographyconceptual photographyphoto manipulationphotography
Written by Giulia Pacciardi
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