Art The Home Stayer, the project by Luis Mendo

The Home Stayer, the project by Luis Mendo

Giulia Guido

We’re here to introduce you to another project that proves that although we spent over two months locked down in our homes, creativity hasn’t stopped traveling. Luis Mendo, graphic designer and art director, took advantage of the lockdown to create a personal work that represented his style and passions. 

The Home Stayer is the title of the project that led Luis to create covers for an imaginary magazine. 

The reference to The New Yorker and its iconic covers is clear, in fact, Luis Mendo’s project wants to be a tribute to the famous magazine, but in his project the main subject is one and only one: the houses and the life inside them. 

As the artist himself has specified, in this period of lockdown, our houses have turned into small towns where you can rest, work, train, relax, experiment new hobbies. This sudden change in lifestyle and home spaces united the whole world, for a short time in every place in the world people were living the same way and the home of one became the home of all. 

Precisely for this reason the covers of The Home Stayer do not belong to a specific place and at the same time they belong to every place. 

For the moment Luis Mendo has made six covers, but the project is not finished yet, so if you want to discover the next ones follow him on Instagram

Written by Giulia Guido
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