It’s here! Watch the official trailer for The Lion King!

10 April 2019

After November, when the first teaser was released, we had no more news about the remake of The Lion King, but now we have the official trailer. Enjoy the show!

You have to take your place in the circle of life.

That of The Lion King is not just a remake, but it is the king of remakes, perhaps, since it was announced the most anticipated and no matter if we know the story better than our pockets, we already know that the film will make us cry as when we first saw the 1994 animated film.

For this reason, for us big fans, the trailer is a small masterpiece. It’s a two-minute video that manages, more than anything else, to make us become children again, to move us and to make us shed more than one tear. 

The opening notes of the soundtrack are enough to make us goosebumps, not to mention when we see the little Simba and Nala, the perfidious Scar and hyenas and then the two of them, yes, Timon and Pumba. They’re all there! 

The release in theaters is scheduled for July 19 meanwhile look at and watch the official trailer! 

il re leone the lion king |
il re leone the lion king |
il re leone the lion king |
il re leone the lion king |


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