Design The Mushroom, the house hidden in the forest

The Mushroom, the house hidden in the forest

Giulia Guido

Imagine you are walking along a path in a forest and at some point you come across a giant mushroom. You could be dreaming, but you could also be in the Chinese province of Jiangxi and what you see in front of you could be The Mushroom, the latest project by studio ZJJZ

The Mushroom

For this home, the architects of the Chinese studio have managed to combine the useful with the pleasant. The Mushroom has an atypical shape, but every choice seems to respond to a precise need. 

Let’s start with the structure: the house consists of two volumes, a circular base and a conical roof. These two volumes serve to divide the interior spaces: the first houses the master bedroom with a panoramic view and the bathrooms, while the second, reached by a small internal staircase, is used as a space for the children. 

The Mushroom

Equal importance has been given to the exterior. The house is built like a pile-dwelling and the fact that it is raised above the ground allows nature to continue to grow, reducing the structure’s impact on the environment. 

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Trying to blend The Mushroom into the landscape as much as possible, the conical roof is covered with wood, while the base is made of granite cement which changes colour according to the level of humidity and contact with rain. 

The Mushroom
Written by Giulia Guido
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