The Toys That Made Us, a new Netflix documentary

9 January 2018

The Toys That Made Us is a new original Netflix documentary series that tells the genesis of 4 stars of the action figures world.

For a few days you can find on Netflix The Toys That Made Us, a series of 4 documentaries that tell us about the genesis of 4 stars of the action figures world in the late 70’s and early 80’s, iconic series such as Star Wars, He man and the rulers of the universe, G.I. Joe and Barbie.

To each series is dedicated an episode full of anecdotes and curiosities about the creation and realization of the product and how many times the final realization is very different from the original idea.

If you are Kids from the 80’s but also simple curious about nerd things the vision is absolutely reccomended!

I Giocattoli Della Nostra Infanzia, il nuovo documentario firmato Netflix |


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