Art “The urgency to slow down” by Nicolas Abdelkader
Artgraphic design

“The urgency to slow down” by Nicolas Abdelkader

Emanuele D'Angelo

Nicolas Abdelkader has created a series of photomontages that invite us to reflect and question our relationship with mobility. The artist has transformed planes, ships and trucks into huge green planters, “The urgency to slow down” imagining an alternative future after isolation. A future where all the means we usually use to move have been left behind, only to become something beneficial for the environment.

The artist Nicolas Abdelkader also explained the reason for his series: ‘I don’t know about you but I ‘naively’ thought that COVID-19 would allow us to glimpse a new world. however, in view of the planes in the sky at the time of writing, the number of engine’s covering the song of birds, the sending of rockets into space, and the governmental recommendations of these last days across the planet, one can affirm that the frenetic rhythm of yesterday is ‘naturally’ reclaiming its place to the detriment of biodiversity and our health.’

Nicolas Abdelkader imagined a calmer and more harmonious world, where our means of transport would literally become “increased flower boxes“. A world where moving an 80 kg body thanks to a 2 tonne car is no longer possible, imagining sustainable mobility.

Artgraphic design
Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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