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Pamela Cocconi, aka PAMCOC, has been drawing for as long as she can remember: her passion for illustration began in elementary school, leafing through the encyclopedia she inherited from her father. 

Analog has always been her favorite form of expression, and her compositions (exclusively material) are reproduced with a black and white stroke, direct and spontaneous just like her. “When we strongly desire something we are more open to putting ourselves on the line, vulnerable, but at the same time swaggering. And it is because of our desires that worlds open up for us to discover.” says the artist to describe her art.
Pamcoc’s illustrations seem to come straight out of her thoughts: unfiltered but with a clear message. A series of themes on which one then inevitably finds oneself reflecting, dwelling on the exaltation of error. Ingenuity, gaffe and truth are thus the three distinctive and inescapable ingredients that are part of his screaming and unrestrained essence. An unstable and delightful creativity poured into all his unstoppable drawings and texts marked by a disarming linguistic mastery. (Credit to the puzzle week? Who knows!)

Pamcoc’s work is thus a perpetual spontaneous visual stream of consciousness that brings to light everything from the most complex thoughts to the most mundane things. “As adults we put aside the playful aspects of existence and take ourselves too seriously. This is precisely why I prefer to treat creative projects unfiltered, combining texts and illustrations with the same brio as when I was still a child.” Her recent installation “BUCATO” is based on a famous poem by Ungaretti, to be interpreted in a personal way. Are we hanging by a thread? Are we waiting for someone or something? Are we sunbathing? Are we scenting the air with Marseille soap? Are we being rocked by the wind?
There is no right answer, but in the meantime the laundry thread becomes a metaphor for a spontaneous visual stream of consciousness.

Si sta come
sui fili
i panni stesi
., together with BRILLO Magazine interviewed Pamcoc, asking her to take sides in what is utopically a world in which there always seems to be only two contrasting elements to choose between. This or That?

– Noon or midnight?

– Venice Biennale or Vatican Museums?
Venice Biennale

– Coca Cola or Pepsi?
Coca Cola

– Easy Rider or Fast and Furious?
Easy Rider

– Batman or Spiderman?

– Zombie invasion or alien invasion?
Alien invasion

– Phone call or text message?
Text message

– Nostalgia or imagination?

– Black or blue bic?

– Sketch sheet or piece of paper found by accident?
Paper found by accident

– Italics or block letters?
Block Letters

– Being eaten by a shark or a tiger?

– Screaming or whispering?

– Flying or mind-reading?

– Full or empty?

– NY or LA?

– 00s or 10s?

– Gen Z or Millennials?

– Instagram or TikTok?

– Apple or Samsung?

– Bates Motel or Overlook Hotel?
Overlook Hotel

– Iron or stone?

– Mozart or Metallica?

Angels or Evil?

– Federer or Nadal?

– Anarchy or law?

-’70s or ’90s?

-Auction House or crypto art?
Auction House

-Win an Oscar or a Grammy?

– Survive in Squid Game or Hunger Games?
Hunger Games

– Having a doppelganger or a talking dog?
A talking dog

– Tea or coffee?

– Winter or Summer?

– Suv or Spider car?

– A trip with a VolksWagen van or in an all inclusive hotel?
A trip with a VolksWagen van

– Cooking or Deliveroo?

– Waking up early or going to bed late?
Going to bed late

Word and BRILLO Magazine

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