Art The decomposed illustrations by Toma Vagner

The decomposed illustrations by Toma Vagner

Giulia Guido

Toma Vagner is an artist who works with the image, breaking it down into different frames and scenes, creating a sort of instruction manual of what she represents.

Born in Sakhalin, a Russian island overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Toma Vagner now lives and works in New York and a few years ago she saw her creations projected on the mega screens of some of the most popular arenas in America.
In 2018, in fact, the artist was contacted to create four concepts for Harry Styles’ tour. But Toma Vagner’s work can’t be reduced to just that. 

Toma has been drawing since she was a child and has never abandoned her passion, which led her right to move to New York, where her career took off. Her style has been influenced by various artistic currents and products whose particular aesthetics have struck her: from Soviet constructivism to IKEA manuals to Japanese chewing gum wrappers. 

These influences can be found in the illustrations divided into boxes, decomposed objects and subjects that are dissected. The initial sketch of her works is made with a ballpoint pen, what comes next sometimes continues to be analog, other times the works are completed digitally. 

We have selected just a few of Toma Vagner’s illustrations, but follow her on Instagram to not miss her upcoming works. 

Written by Giulia Guido
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