10 videos you need in your life this week

10 videos you need in your life this week

Claudia Maddaluno · 8 months ago · Music

Steve Lacy – Outro Freestyle

This video reveals us two truths. One is that “Outro Freestyle” is the closing track of Steve Lacy’s debut album “Apollo XXI”, dropped at midnight. The other is that dreams are better than reality, but they end too soon.

Vampire Weekend – This Life

The summer you’re waiting for will sound like this.

Denzel Curry – Speedboat

In the new video for “Speedboat” there are car crashes, a whole mansion blowing up, and helicopter raids. It seems that these scenes come from an action movie you can watch on Rai 2 (but with a little more budget).

FKA twigs – Cellophane (Live at The Wallace Collection)

w o w.

Blood Orange – Hope (feat. Puff Daddy & Tei Shi)

Taken from Dev Hynes’ last project “Negro Swan”, the “Hope” video features Empress Of dressed in a full-vinyl outfit, A$AP Rocky and Tyler, The Creator in the studio with Puff Daddy and the model Alton Mason dancing against a bright red backdrop.
Even within the first few frames you are in front of a series of beautiful shots.

Los Retros – Friends

They’re the kind of people that I’d want to be friend with (including Cuco <3 )

Cupido – Milhouse

The Spanish boyband Cupido, which mixes trap with bedroom pop, has definitely made its way into my heart.

Jonah Yano & BADBADNOTGOOD – nervous

The Toronto group BADBADNOTGOOD connects with Japanese artist Jonah Yano on his beautiful ballad inspired by the music of Joni Mitchell.
The eyeliner makes me nervous, the song calms me down.

UMI – Down to Earth

Beauty often hides in simple things.

Tyler, The Creator – EARFQUAKE

Tyler, The Creator has shared the video for EARFQUAKE last Friday, but it’s still the best video of the week.

10 videos you need in your life this week
10 videos you need in your life this week
10 videos you need in your life this week
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Primavera Sound 2019: last minute playlist

Primavera Sound 2019: last minute playlist

Claudia Maddaluno · 8 months ago · Music

Primavera Sound is just around the corner and if you haven’t had the time to study the line-up yet, you need to listen to our playlist that features some artists you can’t miss at the festival.

Please, take note.

070 Shake / Morrow

The only thing that matters is here and now. Do not think about tomorrow.

I know it’s hard to swallow
I don’t know if I’ll be here tomorrow

Alice Phoebe Lou / Galaxies

You can actually see the galaxies when you listen to Alice’s bright sound.

My mind is filled with galaxies
It’s all I see
It’s all I see

Ama Lou / Tried Up

Saturday afternoon soundtrack.

It could be better I wouldn’t even know
Tried to call my bluff when you had your last go

Big Thief / Terminal Paradise

We could lie for hours listening to this song. But then we remember the number one rule: we can’t never stop.

So warm
Screaming in the field
As I was born

boy pablo / Losing You

I feel like I’m losing myself.

“‘Cause I feel like I’m losing you
Oh, how can that be true?
I know you want me too

Cariño / La Bajona

Spanish boys sing about desperate loves in psych sauce.

Yo te quiero más que a nadie pero al final me has matado

Charli XCX / Blame It On Your Love (ft. Lizzo)

Can we dream of a surprise duet?

Just a big misunderstanding
I just want to spend the night (one night)
Sleeping in your bed tonight, yeah

Clairo / Bags

We are curious to see what this Pretty Girl will do out of her comfort zone.

You can call me by the name I gave you

Courtney Barnett / Need a Little Time

We need time to listen to this wonderful voice.

I need a little time out
From me, me, me, me

Cuco / Amor De Siempre

We know you recently, but we’ve always loved you.

Cuando veo esos ojos, ahí es donde quiero vivir
Si me besan esos labios, ay así quiero morir

Cupido / Milhouse


Cuando llegue invierno, Netflix en el sofá

Celeste / Summer

Take off your coat and say hello to the summer time.

Please take off your coat, I’ve been waitin’ in the wintertime
Drop-top falls and springs back in the summertime

Dâm-Funk / The Flow

In orbit.

Deerhunter / No One’s Sleeping

Rule number two: never sleep.

No one’s sleeping
The village green
Is nocturnal

Dirty Projectors / What Is The Time

Sometimes in life the planets align. It happens when you watch a Dirty Projectors live.

Once in a while, well
I guess the planets align
And show me the one I am
I am the one who would love you

Empress of / I’ve Got Love

+ love – hate

I want to show you how to love
Hate can be an empty drug

Erykah Badu / Didn’t Cha Know

When you don’t know which stage to go to, but then you remember that it’s time to go see the concert of life.

Free your mind
And find your way
There will be a brighter day

FKA twigs / Cellophane

A twigs concert is forever. Don’t miss it and do it for yourself only.

Didn’t I do it for you?
Why don’t I do it for you?
Why won’t you do it for me?
When all I do is for you?

Future / Overdose

Swag overdose (Yeah), swag to the most

Homeshake / Nothing Could Be Better

If you get to Barcelona on Tuesday and baptize with Homeshake in Sala Apolo, nothing could be better.

Got me smiling finally
Got no reason to be sad

Ian Isiah / Bedroom

When the time comes when you just want to go to bed, hold on because Ian Isiah may not send you there alone.

Beauty and Brains like you graduated from Yale
Switching up positions got me gripping ponytail

Interpol / Real Life

Primavera Sound vs Real Life (only sad reactions)

All these secondary lives are falling into
Scattered dreams, scattered people
Real life on repeat

J Balvin / Con Altura

Flying high.

Demasiadas noches de travesura
(Con altura)
Vivo rápido y no tengo cura
(Con altura)
Iré joven pa’ la sepultura

James Blake / Retrograde

I apologize to the recent fans but I’m waiting to die with this song.

I’ll wait, so show me why you’re strong
Ignore everybody else,
We’re alone now

Janelle Monáe / Make Me Feel

Feeling so good forever

That’s just the way you make me feel
So real, so good, so fuckin’ real

Kali Uchis / After The Storm (ft. Tyler, The Creator)

You in the mirror preparing yourself for the last day of PS. Ease up on the glitter!

So if you need a hero (if you need a hero)
Just look in the mirror (just look in the mirror)

Kurt Vile / Cold Was The Wind

It’s useless to be bold: that cold wind could be so bastard.

Cold was the wind on my frozen face
But I didn’t mind, ’cause I was long gone

Lizzo / Juice


The juice ain’t worth the squeeze
If the juice don’t look like this (Like this, like this, like thi

LNDFK / Love Bombing

Stop chatting online and support Linda Feki.

Loyle Carner / Loose Ends

Hug me until the end of this song

My take is, I wish there was a better way
Uh, I got a lot of love, a lot of loose ends

Mac DeMarco / All of Our Yesterdays

Are you ready to dream again?

All of our yesterdays have gone
And that don’t mean your dream is over
And that don’t make your heart beat slower

Miley Cyrus / Wrecking Ball

Heavy karaoke time.

I came in like a wrecking ball
I never hit so hard in love
All I wanted was to break your walls
All you ever did was break me

Mura Masa / Blu (ft. Damon Albarn)

You are in love and this is a fucking mess.

When you touch me in that way, I just don’t know what to do, love
I’m so in love

Nas / Bonjour


Oui-oui amour
Plenty of kisses, plenty of bisous
A good day and best wishes
Comment allez-vous?

Nathy Peluso / Natikillah

You mind if we get something to eat first?

Quiero el plato más grande en mi mesa
Con frijolito’, huevo y mayones

Nilüfer Yanya / Tears


“‘Cause it’s true, you’re all I really wanted
Somebody to stop me, somebody to hold
Me back, it gets worse, worse

Princess Nokia / Versace Hottie

You are the queen of the dance floor. Come on, bitch!

Versace hottie, I don’t like nobody

ROSALÍA / Malamente

Tra – Tra

slowthai / Inglorious

ok, we know it’s late but it’s worth it.

Inglorious bastard, phenomenal, abdominal
Put a hole in an obstacle, yeah

Solange / Things I Imagined

You’ve imagined this moment so many times and now it’s all true. Solange is here and sings for you.

I saw things I imagined
I saw things I imagined
I saw things I imagined
I saw things I imagined

SOPHIE / It’s Okay To Cry

It’s okay to cry.

I think your inside is your best side

Tame Impala / Patience

Don’t be late or otherwise you risk losing a great concert.

I should be flying straight, don’t be late
‘Cause time waits for no one
I should be flying straight, don’t be late
‘Cause time takes from everyone

Tierra Whack / Gloria


This my time, my moment, yeah

Tirzah / Affection

I felt a thrill down my spine.

All I want is you
I love you
Gladly, gladly, gladly

Yaeji / One More

It’s not important to know the lyrics. Hands up and eyes closed.

photo credits: Francesca Sara Cauli

Primavera Sound 2019: last minute playlist
Primavera Sound 2019: last minute playlist
Primavera Sound 2019: last minute playlist
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Watch the video of Rho Fiera, Marvely’s debut single

Watch the video of Rho Fiera, Marvely’s debut single

Giulia Pacciardi · 8 months ago · Music

With a mix of Indie, Baroque Pop and Jazz, dj and producer Marvely launches his first single named Rho Fiera.
A track that tells two different love stories with, in common, the same sad epilogue.
One between a man and a woman who live their “La Boum”, a film that could inspire some of the scenes in the video, with all those different states of mind that characterize any kind of relationship.
The other, less romantic, is the one starring the “Albero della Vita”, which lived for six months at Rho Fiera during the Milan Expo, and then turned into a memory.

Mi sento solo come l’albero della vita
a Rho Fiera
dimmi che sei sincera,
almeno tu.

The song marks the beginning of a path dreamed of by the former actor, dancer, DJ and producer Marvely, and is influenced by the sounds of Chillwave/Synth Pop Washed Out and Toro y Moi, but with an Italian jazz body inspired by Pino Daniele and the rhythms of drums typical of Rhodes.

Watch the video of Rho Fiera, Marvely’s debut single
Watch the video of Rho Fiera, Marvely’s debut single
Watch the video of Rho Fiera, Marvely’s debut single
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10 videos you need in your life this week

10 videos you need in your life this week

Claudia Maddaluno · 8 months ago · Music

Whitney – FTA

Chicago-based duo Whitney are back with a new single and accompanying video, FTA, the first glimpse of the band forthcoming album Forever Turned Around, to be released on August 30. We just can’t wait till summer.

Alex G – Gretel

Another good news for guitar lovers: (Sandy) Alex G announced his upcoming ninth studio album (House of Sugar, out on September 13) with a new music video for lead single in which Alex and his friends enjoy a day of demolition derby.

Jay Som – Superbike

You’re good for a week with guitars and vintage clips.

Sampa The Great – Final Form

All you have to do is DANCE.

Channel Tres – Sexy Black Timberlake

Need an outfit inspiration for the weekend? There you are.

See Maw – Shh

shhut up! It’s time to listen to the Undamento’s new artist.

Bleached – Kiss You Goodbye

I need a smoothie by the pool just right now!

Ty Segall – Taste

Hey, Ty
what’s got you so upset?

Skepta – No Sleep | A COLORS SHOW

Skepta stopped at Colors Show studio for a special performance of No Sleep.
The video kicks off with the rapper singing in front of the microphone but at a certain point it replicates the artwork to Ignorance Is Bliss album.

Plaid – Dancers

The electronic duo Plaid has found a beautiful way to raise awareness about the use of plastics:

The concept behind “Dancers” stems from the themes behind ‘Polymer,’ inspired by the ‘strength, endurance, and troubling persistence’ of plastics. (…) the video serves as a metaphor for the anthropocene; in which humanity and the plastic it generates become integrated into one organism, in a world where nature and polymers become one in the same.”

10 videos you need in your life this week
10 videos you need in your life this week
10 videos you need in your life this week
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10 videos you need in your life this week

10 videos you need in your life this week

Claudia Maddaluno · 8 months ago · Music

Kelsey Lu – Foreign Car

Kelsey Lu’s new visual for “Foreign Car” directed by Vincent Haycock is about as the Reinassance as well as the modern era and shows her dancing in different scenarios: from the iconographic to the more typical of the rap world. All seasoned with elegance and great aesthetic taste.

Raveena – Stronger

Raveena is as strong as the roots of an ancient tree. The Danica Kleinknecht-directed video illustrates her trying to free herself from some arms that hold her like poison ivy.

Little Simz – 101 FM

Little Simz’s new video is a tribute to her adolescence. It finds the young rapper driving in a car while listening to the radio or writing music in her bedroom. Everything here is about music:
‘101 FM’ represents a time in my life where all I wanted to do was be surrounded by music, whether that was doing radio sets, going to house parties, or just writing in my bedroom—it was all I cared for”.

Flume – Let You Know

We can read the lyrics of the song on the garbage bags of an open-air dump.

Cuco – Bossa No Sé ft. Jean Carter

Stop suffering, for Christ’s sake!

Shura – religion (u can lay your hands on me)

This video looks like it was written by Paolo Sorrentino and in fact the director Chloe Wallace started from “The Young Pope” inspiration to tell the delicate love story between two sisters.

Amber Mark – What If

Very soft and slow like a Sunday morning awakening.


The visual for JPEGMAFIA’s “The Who” is inspired by vintage sci-fi horror movies and keeps us in suspence till the last second.
PS: Continue to watch after the credits.

CLAVDIO – Le Tue Gambe

We thank the director of photography Gianluca Palma for giving us some beautifully shot visuals.

Pop X – No, Womano Cry

I wanna tell you (fine)settimana.

10 videos you need in your life this week
10 videos you need in your life this week
10 videos you need in your life this week
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