Art TRUMP BITES, the animated series about Donald Trump
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TRUMP BITES, the animated series about Donald Trump

Federica Cimorelli

From his first weeks in office, it quickly became clear that with Donald Trump at the helm, we were all headed for lots of trouble. We thought satire could be a powerful antidote, but what do you do with someone who is already a parody of himself?
These are the words of Billy Shebar and David Roberts, founders of the production company 110th Street Films and creators of TRUMP BITES, the animated series about Donald Trump.

TRUMP BITES was born in 2018, it collects Donald Trump’s most absurd and controversial statements, uses them as a basis for telling new stories and subverts the madness of his unwieldy personality. The series consists of seven animated episodes, the first six created by Oscar nominee Bill Plympton, the last episode is drawn by Leah Shore.

In a short and easily shareable format, TRUMP BITES reuses real audio tracks of Donald Trump, reinterprets his illogical reasoning and offers a small insight into his twisted mental landscape.
Amongst the former President’s many statements we find his relationship with Putin and the Russian government, his racist and violence-inciting thoughts, conspiracy ideas about Covid-19, but also old statements dating back to the 1980s.

“We found the best episodes aren’t necessarily Trump’s most famous or raunchy quotes, but the ones that gave an unintended window onto his psyche.”  

TRUMP BITES won first prize at the Webby Awards 2020. Discover all the episodes here!

Words by Federica Cimorelli

Artanimated short
Written by Federica Cimorelli
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