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A Hero’s Journey, the film characters who inspire our lives

All stories, whether in book, film or TV series form, have always had one thing in common – the figure of the hero.

From the classic ones like Ulysses and Achilles, ready to sacrifice their lives for what they believed in, where they fought, to the modern Batman and Iron Man, man has always needed figures to inspire himself.

The figure of the hero, however, has changed over time and in the modern age has begun to present vices and negative aspects, which in addition to making him more vulnerable have also made him more similar to us, so, if the heroes may be more human, humans may seem a little ‘more than the heroes. The heroes of today are therefore a Walter White, who after discovering that he has cancer, to ensure his family a good sum of money to survive after his death, begins to produce methamphetamine in industrial quantities, but also a Cersei Lannister which, despite his deep perfidy, we forgive everything, even take out with high fire half of the inhabitants of King’s Landing, and, after all, we admire it.

So why not watch to our favorite and flawed heroes in Robin Fisher’s video A Hero’s Journey.

Rewatch Belly Flop HERE.


A Hero’s Journey, the film characters who inspire our lives