“Appartamento”, the magical live session by Venerus and Frah Quintale

Emanuele D'Angelo
Appartamento | Collater.al

“Magica Musica” was released on February 19, but despite the time that has passed, we continue to hum the songs of Venerus in our heads. Months later, Andrea Venerus, has decided to give us an unexpected gift, a live session of the single “Appartamento” with Frah Quintale.

“Magica Musica” more than an album is a cosmic journey not identifiable in a genre. A free, aimless journey obviously made of magic, dreams and a pinch of love. In “Appartamento” there is a bit of all this, two hybrid worlds such as those of Venerus and Frah Quintale that blend almost in a fresh and sophisticated r’n’b.

“Lei balla sul mio cuore come in Grease
Fori sul mio petto, puoi guardarci dentro
Venire ad abitarci, cambiare arredamento
Far sbocciare i fiori nel mio appartamento
Puoi fare ciò che vuoi, tanto ormai ti appartengo”

A profound piece, where the apartment is the center of everything, inside which are hidden rooms where no one has ever entered, a roof where you can have quiet dreams, a mystical place where poetry grows around.

For the occasion, the two have rekindled the lights of Santeria, a well-known venue in Milan that has reopened its doors specifically for these two top players. After more than a year spent in silence and without music, the notes, jazz nuances, soul and r’n’b of Venerus and Frah Quintale will resonate louder than ever.

Get comfortable and get ready for a journey inside this magical apartment.

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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