Awkward: a normal moment of embarrassment

Emanuele D'Angelo

You only have to look at the short film to realize that we live similar scenes every day.
Who has never had a moment of embarrassment in the elevator or after having said “it’s fine” to the hairdresser who has just made a cut that we do not like?

The illustrator and animator Nata Metlukh managed to collect all these moments of normal embarrassment in a beautiful animated short film entitled simply: “Awkward”.

All the scenes ensure the American illustrator takes inspiration from everyday life, many of the moments in the video she has experienced in the first person.
But at the end of the day, whoever has never happened to have a whole compartment fall down at the supermarket or to have just made a complete mistake in the outfit for an evening.

Impossible not to recognize you in at least one of these moments of normal embarrassment, watch to the beautiful short by Nata Metlukh!





Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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