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“Balance”: diving to find yourself

“Take your breath and go down. It will be you in front of the real you”.

In this difficult time for all of us, London-based production company Cheekyfire wanted to share some stories about mental health and the tools people use to find calm. In the hope that this story can set an example and help others find their comfort zone.

In this special short film entitled “Balance” we tell the life of Arnaud, a diver who can only find his balance when he is inside the water.
“When I’m faced with a corporate world of constant tension, I always felt I needed something to put me at ease. Apnea, the sea give me the balance that I desperately need. It peels everything down to its essence, all the background noise disappears”.

An exciting short, shot almost entirely underwater, an example, a model to follow to find that balance that we sometimes lack and that we often no longer know how to achieve.


“Balance”: diving to find yourself