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INSIDE OUT, the beautiful skate film by Carhartt WIP

I grew up with skate videos, until I was 19 years old they were my daily bread.
VHS consumed by the continuous viewing to be able to repeat the tricks I saw the skaters do. The results were fluctuating, let’s say even mediocre, but the sensations were indescribable. I come from the mechanical province of the south and skate videos were one of the ways I had to get out of a complex context and that I did not feel mine.

Carhartt WIP’s INSIDE OUT feature film brought back to my mind and heart exactly those feelings by turning the meaning upside down, let me explain.

The title itself, INSIDE OUT, lets us know what kind of viewer/protagonist dynamic is developed in this film. The video stimulates the feelings and emotions of both, completely immersing the viewer inside the daily life of a team of skaters in some of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Shot between Madrid, Milan, London and Paris, Carhartt WIP team skaters Rémy Taveira, Ibu Sanyang, Felipe Bartolomé, Matlok Bennett-Jones and Tolia Titaev make things look simple that are not simple at all.

Director Joaquim Bayle and cinematographer Angelo Marques give the scenes a cinematic quality, avoiding the dominant lo-fi aesthetic of skate videos in recent years.
29 minutes of skate and emotions that we are sure will involve even non-fans of the genre, guaranteed.

INSIDE OUT, the beautiful skate film by Carhartt WIP