“Coda”, a short film to reflect on the meaning of existence

Giulia Guido

Coda“, Alan Holly‘s animated short produced together with And Maps And Plans, begins with a situation we have experienced hundreds of times: the end of a night out at the disco, when we stagger home. But if our evenings end with us lying in bed with the room seemingly spinning around us, that of the protagonist of ‘Coda’ has a bittersweet ending. 

The city, with its neon lights, the music coming out of the clubs and the people in the streets, gives way to a desolate park where the protagonist’s soul will be reached by death, ready to take it away with it. What the black, hooded figure reveals to the boy will be illuminating and fascinating, and will make us reflect on the meaning of existence and life after death. 

Written by Giulia Guido
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