Cosmonaut, the animated short by Kaspar Jancis

Federica Cimorelli

Cosmonaut is the title of Kaspar Jancis‘ latest animated short, a sad and gentle work that deals with big themes such as old age, time and the relationship between life and existence.

This short film tells the story of a retired astronaut who lives in a simple flat within the concrete walls of a few-storey building. His current day-to-day life, even though a lot of time has passed, is incredibly similar to that of his past and this unfortunately does not go well with his age.
Between small and heroic daily missions and the risks that cosmic life brings with it, the protagonist has to come to terms with his own desires and those of those around him.

Produced by Joonisfilm and animated entirely in 2D, Cosmonaut is a short film that is both funny and scary. Watch it here.



Camera, writing, music, editing: Kaspar Jancis
Animation: Tarmo Vaarmets
Sound: Horret Kuus
Visual effects: Anu Unnuk, Albert Kerstna
Producer: Kalev Tamm (Joonisfilm)


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Written by Federica Cimorelli
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