“Fiat Lux”, a stop motion western by Darren Pearson

Andrea Tuzio

Artist and photographer Darren Pearson has created a stunning stop motion short film entitled, “Fiat Lux”.

Thanks to the California-based studio he founded, DARIUSTWIN, Pearson explores landscapes in search of the perfect spots to insert his life-size light-painted works.

For “Fiat Lux”, Pearson painted every frame freehand, piecing together more than 600 images where typical western locations, such as abandoned mines and California farms, serve as the backdrop for the entire film, which was planned and executed frame by frame thanks to an accurate storyboard and then hand-painted.

686 photos to be precise that together give life to a short-film to be enjoyed in one breath. Enjoy!

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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