“Emily”, an animated short film about happiness and self-realization

Federica Cimorelli

Society teaches us that to be complete we must find someone to make us happy, but in life, happiness can take many forms.
Emily“, the latest short film by Marlies van der Wel, challenges the common belief that to be happy you have to depend on someone and tells the story of a unique woman.

The protagonist of the story is an elderly florist who, as she enters the final days of her life, thinks back on her past, the people she has met and the choices she has made.
She has dedicated her life to botany, sowing flowers and selecting the best ones for her customers. Plants have been her job, her freedom and in some ways her prison, but Emily has taken her destiny into her own hands and found fulfillment in the little things.

Produced by HALAL and made available online for all to see a few days ago, this short film challenges the norms society sets for self-fulfillment, explores existential issues and questions the true meaning of happiness.

Enjoy the view.

Written by Federica Cimorelli
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