FINESTRE, the short-film shot during the lockdown in Sicily

Giulia Pacciardi

Inspired by King Lear’s readings and themes, the five-act tragedy by William Shakespeare, FINESTRE is the short film by director and playwright Orazio Condorelli and documentary filmmaker Mauro Maugeri shot in Sicily during the lockdown.

The entire short film, born from the need not to interrupt their creative work during the most difficult period of the health crisis, was shot with the smartphones of the authors involved who, unable to leave their homes, filmed the surrounding landscapes, among beautiful sea views, terraces, gardens, dining rooms, and bedrooms.
The word, instead, was left to family members and cohabitants who accompanied the images of a time that has passed slowly, with the story of their memories, experiences, anecdotes, and thoughts.
The voices of children, elderly and young women and men mixed with suspended, calm, and delicate images.

The short film was presented last June 6th during an Instagram Live, just two days before cinemas and open-air theatres were reopened in Sicily, to underline how despite all art has not let itself be intimidated by a situation that has changed our daily life.

Written by Giulia Pacciardi
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