Foreign Exchange, a stop-motion cultural exploration

Federica Cimorelli
Foreign Exchange |

Sand and banknotes, from more than 50 countries around the world, come together and connect endlessly in a magical stop-motion short film telling different cultures, economies and stories. Money and pebbles, two elements rich in microscopic details, become the protagonists of each scene and create culturally significant images.
We are talking about Foreign Exchange, the work of Corrie Francis Parks, an animation project capable of exploring the subtle links that make the global economic tides flow and able to show the surreal landscape that moves the production system of each country.

“Canada’s interstellar pride meshes with the gothic arches of Prague’s St. Salvator’s Church. Portugal’s colonial conquests intertwine with a Singapore’s nostalgic market economy. India’s signature animals wallow beneath a Chinese waterfall.”

In Foreign Exchange, everyone can find some details of their own culture while discovering those of other neighbouring countries.


Direction: Corrie Francis Parks
Original Music: Alexandra Gardner
Sound Design: Matt Davies/Studio Unknown
Technical Director: Thom Parks
Animation Assistants: Andrew McFarland, Lindsay Ragen, Diana Towner, Will Kraft

Written by Federica Cimorelli
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