Freeze Frame, the iced stop motion by Soetkin Verstegen

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I think you’ve all realized by now that we at are crazy about stop-motion short films. We like to find the most curious and original works and discover with you the most capable talents. Behind every production lies a long and complex process that requires an obsessive attention to detail. Whoever decides to put themselves to the test needs a lot of creativity, inventiveness and patience.
The Belgian director Soetkin Verstegen is perhaps the best example of this, as she demonstrates with her latest project Freeze Frame.

Freeze Frame is an ambitious and original black and white short film that challenges all the rules of stop motion animation. To make it, its creator chose to use one of the most difficult and complex materials for a work of this type: ice.
In long and cumbersome processes such as stop motion, ice is liable to melt and vanish in an instant, but Soetkin Verstegen decided to fight its inevitable transitory nature and created a work that had never been thought of.

Freeze Frame is not only avant-garde and experimental project, but also a small example of meta-cinema. This short film reflects on the rules, theories and techniques of stop motion and analyses its language and how it works.

Freeze Frame is a nostalgic, mesmerizing and enchanting project.


Words by Federica Cimorelli

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