1%, Fridays for Future commercial fights the race to Mars

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Yesterday, Thursday 18 February 2021, NASA’s Perseverance Rover, sent into space on 30 July 2020, arrived at its destination on Mars. The main objectives of its mission are to study the planet, investigate its past and look for traces of biological life, to see if it is habitable by humans.
To mark the occasion, the activist movement Fridays for Future has released a sarcastic and provocative commercial that will remind viewers of reality. It is called 1% and was made by the Los Angeles-based team of creative agency Fred & Farid.

Government-funded programmes around the world and 1% of the planet’s ultra-billionaires are focused on Mars, yet 99% of humans will never have the chance to visit or experience it. At this moment in history and society, the desire to escape to another planet is very strong, but to think that it is possible for everyone to do so is also highly unrealistic.

1% shakes the conscience of the viewers and underlines the fact that it is much more urgent to solve Earth’s problems and face the consequences of actions taken over time than to use forces and funding for another planet.
Winking at those who celebrate these great technological achievements, Fridays for Future brings everyone back down to earth and draws attention to pressing issues.

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Words by Federica Cimorelli

Written by Collater.al Contributors
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