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“GRADATIONs”, the nuances of Daihei Shibata

Not everything we see is as it is. Sometimes you have to know how to go and catch all the nuances, the gradations, even the most subtle ones that we find difficult to see with the naked eye.
Daihei Shibata with his beautiful short film tries precisely to make us think about this, there is not only black and white but in between, there are many nuances that sometimes a little ‘for laziness a little’ for habit we can not grasp.

“When we gradate the boundaries between two polarized things, the two become smoothly connected. By blurring the various boundaries, we can find complexity, diversity, and richness of information.”

Titled “GRADATIONs,” the Japanese artist’s short film extols the richness we can find in all the nuances.
Who says a traffic light is only green, red and yellow? Using everyday objects, such as pencils, light bulbs, household tools Daihei Shibata teaches us not to stop at appearances and capture what is hidden behind, not dwelling on the usual stereotypes.

A profound metaphor that we could apply in our lives, never taking anything for granted but above all not classifying everything around us, but learning to see with different eyes.

“GRADATIONs”, the nuances of Daihei Shibata