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“HOBBY”, the Adobe Pocket Film by Colin Read

Pocket Films is an Adobe initiative that calls filmmakers from all over the world into action and challenges them to create a film about progress and change with just a few tools.
Colin Read‘s HOBBY is one of the results of this challenge. It is a short film shot with an iPhone that ironically and elegantly depicts the inventiveness of a person in lockdown.

Over my year of lockdown, I jumped headfirst into a series of new activities, trying to find a new interest to reignite my brain during isolation. And now, a year later, basically none of them have stuck, leaving me feeling like I spent a year of wasted effort and false starts. So the film is basically a thinly-veiled biopic of my own creative frustration and pandemic psychosis.

In spite of what we have been used to seeing over the past year, HOBBY is a radical departure from the repetitive, predictable and boring products of the same type. It’s an intense and snappy short film that portrays life, desires, emotions and failures at their best.



Starring: Dylan Kammerer
& Dog-starring: Sevy, Clubber & Abba
Key Human: Andy Maso
Art Director: Charlie Turner
Score: Sam Perkin
Sound Editing: Rafael Chaves
Colorist: Fergus McCall @ The Mill
Shot on iPhone & DJI OM 4
Produced by SEA COW


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“HOBBY”, the Adobe Pocket Film by Colin Read