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How to Be at Home, a short film about insulation

The year 2020 will somehow pass to our memory as the year of lockdown, social distancing, masks and so on. The whole world has found itself facing a unique situation, fortunately never seen before or at least not in recent times.

So the poetess Tanya Davis, assisted by filmmaker Andrea Dorfman and taking inspiration from video-poetry originally written in 2010 and entitled How to be alone, created How to Be at Home.

A version that is undoubtedly more relevant today than ever, a melancholic story, accompanied by the beautiful voice of the poetess Tanya Davis, who lightly dispenses her advice.

How to Be at Home is a touching short that takes place all between the pages of a book. In the hope that these beautiful advices will not serve us for much longer, we wish you a good vision.


How to Be at Home, a short film about insulation