“Just Like Yesterday”, a day like any other

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This year, the world film industry has experienced more than ever an obvious economic crisis and has been the victim of closures and limitations imposed on the entertainment sector. Some companies have stopped, others have looked for possible solutions to the problem, but many have continued to work and invent. In these scenarios, creativity always makes a difference, and the idea is to take inspiration from the outside and tell new stories.
This is what Kendall Goldberg has done with her new short film Just Like Yesterday.

Just Like Yesterday tells the story of Cordelia Katstopolis, a young girl in quarantine trying to normalize her daily routine. Amidst the pressures of working from home and social restrictions, she tries to make special a day that is not like any other, her birthday.

Just Like Yesterday is a quirky and colorful reflection on this unforgettable 2020


Behind the scenes


Directed by Kendall Goldberg
Written by Kendall Goldberg & Nika Burnett
Starring Nika Burnett
Cinematography by Christian Klein
Edited by Kendall Goldberg
Narrated by Carlos Alazraqui
French Lessons by Magali Gauthier
Sound Mixer: Cullen Herron
Colorist: Elliott Powell


Words by Federica Cimorelli

Written by Collater.al Contributors
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