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“Just the Two of Us”, a stranger’s song becomes a short film

Public transport is often a jungle, we talked about it just a few weeks ago during the DfT campaign and we don’t think much has changed since then, but Anna Ginsburg‘s short film “Just the Two of Us” was able to make us appreciate even the worst aspects of travelling on public transport.

“Just the Two of Us” is the name of this sweet short film, but more than that, it is the title of a Grover Washington Jr. song, a bluesy tune that took on an unexpected power during the lockdown.
One day, on the bus line in London’s Old Kent Road, Anna Ginsburg was the victim of a stranger’s uninterrupted singing to the very words of this song. So, in order to capture the moment and freeze the voice of her travelling companion in a memory, Anna decided to record a fragment and then make an animated short film of it.
The result is a resoundingly sweet and lovable work, an ode to the randomness of encounters on public transport and a simple and genuine tale of everyday reality.



Words by Federica Cimorelli

“Just the Two of Us”, a stranger’s song becomes a short film