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“L’Heure de l’Ours”, the short film about childhood anger

“That very night, houses will burn. Men and women will tremble. Hordes of children will come together and howl as they dance alone on the ashes like wild bears. It only takes one cry to awaken them all from their slumber!”

It is entitled “L’Heure de l’Ours” and it is the new short film realized by Agnès Patron on the complex theme of childhood anger.
The short film, besides winning prestigious international awards, was included in the official selection of the 72nd Cannes Film Festival. 13 intense minutes, deep and without dialogues in which fantasy merges with anger, a relationship somewhere between love and revolt.

And in this uncertain and strange relationship, the protagonists are two, a woman and her child, united at first only by their love, in perfect harmony with each other. But as time goes by, love leaves room for other feelings, the child, crushed and overwhelmed by a third presence, unleashes all his rage, literally turning into a bear.

“L’Heure de l’Ours” is a powerful and expressive short film that does not need many words, which closes or rather goes out slowly as a flame that perhaps despite everything and everyone will never stop burning.


“L’Heure de l’Ours”, the short film about childhood anger