Lance (in a Neck Brace) – the end of love

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When a relationship ends, people often try to find relief from pain. The easiest way seems to leave everything behind, chase away the suffering and forget about it. Instead, it is precisely in these situations that it is important to analyse and get to know each other.
Lance (in a Neck Brace), the short film written, directed and edited by Chloé Aktas stages a familiar situation and does so in an original and hypnotizing way.

In 9 uninterrupted minutes of silence, thoughts and pauses we see Lance, the protagonist, looking for the solution to his pain in the instructions recorded in some audiotapes. These analyse all the possible scenarios of a break and try to direct him to the perfect guide.

Rather than simplify the problem Lance finds himself forced to come face to face with his broken heart, with his own thoughts and sorrows, in front of his suffering.

So, the journey to cure becomes an opportunity for self-analysis and healing. Instead of running away, Lance decides to be honest with himself: he faces his crisis, studies his emotions and so he grows up.

Words by Federica Cimorelli

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