Life’s a Bitch, a story reduced to its highlights

Giulia Guido
lifes a bitch |

To be able to enclose in a 5-minute short an entire love story, with its ups and downs, with its beginning and its end, with all the emotions you can feel is not an easy task, but with the short Life’s a Bitch the French-Canadian director François Jaros made it.

From a technical point of view, Life’s a Bitch is a real gem: 95 scenes, each shot in a single shot and with its own meaning, were edited to tell a bigger story. The story of the life of all of us, when we feel good and then the next day we feel like losers, when we lose love and when we fall in love again, when we just want to scream all our frustration and when we look for a bit of peace.

Life’s a Bitch comes straight to the heart, much more than a two-hour movie.

“Love grief. Shock. Denial. Bubble bath. Mucus. Masturbation. Pop tart. Pigeons. Toothpaste. Hospital. Fuck. Bye. Hair. Chicken. Bootie. Kids. Rejection. Squirrels. Cries. Awkward. 95 scenes. 5 minutes. Life’s a bitch.”


Director / editor : François Jaros
Screenplay / starring : Guillaume Lambert
With: Marie-Ève Milot, Marie-Claude St-Laurent, Sarah Pellerin
Production : Fanny-Laure Malo, François Jaros (La Boîte à Fanny)
Cinematography : Olivier Gossot
Sound : Jean-Philippe Villemure
Color grading: Jérôme Cloutier
Post-production: MELS

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