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LOVE, Réka Bucsi and the different phases of love

We have already talked about Réka Bucsi, an independent animation director, and we go back to doing so by quoting one of her last works, the animated short LOVE.

Réka managed to condense in just under fifteen minutes the phases of love, the essential ones that we all lived through, willingly or unwillingly, but she didn’t do it by telling a romantic story, she did it by creating an enormous metaphor.

The protagonist of the short is a planet within an entire solar system, comparable to us and the people who are part of our lives, which is suddenly changed when something new comes, something never seen before, that gives new life. The first phase, which is a total rediscovery of oneself, leads to the central phase, that of renewal and rebirth. The planet becomes something different from what it was at the beginning.

Then, however, this effect fades and, after such an experience, you never go back as before.

LOVE, Réka Bucsi and the different phases of love