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“Pigeon”: when we become what we hate in others

Joe begins his day like any other, but from the start, his calm is challenged by the behavior of the people he encounters on the street, in the bakery, and stopped at traffic lights. 

Visually this difference between his behavior and that of others is made explicit through the image of the pigeon: those who behave badly and get in the way of peace, in Joe’s eyes all have the head of a pigeon. 

The day doesn’t get any easier, however, and at one point Joe completely loses his temper, to the point of becoming what he couldn’t stand, to the point of turning “Pigeon” into a little gem.

A Film by Tadoh
Director | Sang Joon Kim
Production designer/ Art director | Eunho Lee
Visual Development | Choong Nyung Yoon
Animation | Sang Joon Kim
Composer | Minwhee Lee
Sound Designer | Jusuk Lee
Voices | Charles Hubbell
Writers | Sang Joon Kim, Seungbum Ma
Graphic Design | Kelly Sung
Script | Jeannie Yun

“Pigeon”: when we become what we hate in others