“Rules of Play”, the experimental animated short by Merlin Flügel

Federica Cimorelli
Rules of Play | Collater.al

Throughout our lives, from when we are children to when we become adults, rules are a constant presence. In a game, at work, in social situations or on formal occasions, rules set limits, teach us something and above all allow us to interact with others according to a common code.
Playing, unlike other human activities, is essential to keep friendships alive, develop new skills and above all have fun. But what could happen in the world if the rules were no longer questioned?

This is the question on which “Rules of Play” is built, the experimental animated short film by Merlin Flügel that explores the freedom that games offer in our lives.
Set in an abstract, almost unrecognisable world of building blocks and strange equipment, this film follows a community of masked individuals as they entertain themselves with increasingly undefined games. As time passes and the sun sets, their activities become more and more intense and their attitude more and more competitive.

Rules of Play” is a short film with a dreamlike and somewhat sinister aesthetic that generates multiple interpretations, it is a perfect line between storytelling and abstract cinema.

Animation, script, image, special effects and film editor : Merlin FLÜGEL
Sound engineer, sound editor and mix : Jonatan SCHWENK


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Written by Federica Cimorelli
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