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Sand Wanderer, the importance of a new beginning

Director and animator Eric Giessmann is the mind behind the animated short Sand Wanderer, a unique and universal story at the same time.

We are in a desert where there are continuous shocks whose origin is unknown. One day, a young desert dweller decides to go and look for the cause of these continuous earthquakes, until he is sucked into a huge black hole. Only then do we discover that the little inhabitant lives inside an hourglass and that, despite all the efforts he can make, he will never be able to resolve the situation. But it doesn’t matter, every day the protagonist gets up and tries it again, he tries it again and again.

It might seem like a useless existence, that of the character who desperately tries to change something that can not be changed, or at least not by him, but, instead, what saves us is precisely the idea of having something to fight for, the idea that with commitment and perseverance things can really be changed.

Rewatch The Doodles Diary HERE.

Sand Wanderer, the importance of a new beginning