“Souvenir Souvenir”, different styles tell the war trauma

Giulia Guido
souvenir souvenir

Digging into the past, that’s what “Souvenir Souvenir“, the animated short by Bastien Dubois that made the Oscar 2022 shortlist, tries to do.
French director and animator Bastien Dubois – who was already nominated in 2011 for his short film “Madagascar, a Journey Diary” – reintroduces two recurring elements of his work, travel and wars. 

At the heart of this tale is the relationship with his grandfather and the young boy’s desire to retrace and recount the war in Algeria through his memories. In “Souvenir Souvenir” there is a bit of everything, starting with different animation styles and ending with themes such as family conflict and the trauma caused by wars. 

Written by Giulia Guido
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