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The Brain and You, podcast or real life?

The description accompanying Paul Trillo‘s latest short film, The Brain and You, says: “Podcasts are the best way to stay connected to the world around you”.

It seems that the New York director has taken this phrase and tried to make a short film that disproves it. Throughout the video, we follow a man who, while having breakfast, walks down the street, gives information, is always and uninterruptedly focused on the podcast he is listening to The Brain and You.

As we watch him, we also listen to it and understand that it’s about the mental health of the President (of the United States) and the Dunning-Kruger effect, that cognitive distortion that leads people not to be aware of themselves and to overestimate themselves.

Images and words are subtly linked, and if you think that by listening to a podcast you learn more about the world than you can by living it, well you’re wrong.

The Brain and You, podcast or real life?