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The Monolith, Gwyneth Leech’s window on art

The studio of Gwyneth Leech, a contemporary artist known for her painted cups, has a unique view of the New York skyline. This view, the people she sees from the window, the pedestrians in the street, the sun reflecting on the windows of the buildings inspires her every day.

At a certain point something changes, right in front of her building work begins to build another one and on the one hand Gwyneth studies and follows the work and movements of the workers, on the other hand, the idea of losing her view of the city destroys her.

The construction of The Monolith, like all obstacles in life, initially destroys, but then you have to find the courage and strength to change your point of view on things.

Angelo J. Guglielmo Jr.’s docu shows how art is made of feelings and situations of everyday life.

Rewatch From Nothing To Something HERE.

The Monolith, Gwyneth Leech’s window on art
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