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“The ultimate safety test,” Volvo’s spot for the environment

After years and years of highly polluting cars, finally car manufacturers are reversing their course by investing more and more in electric vehicles. Good news for the planet that every year has to deal with the high emissions released by our cars, a turning point in search of a sustainable future.

Volvo to launch its electric vehicles has created a special spot, created in collaboration with the creative agency Grey.
The commercial starts and develops from this question: “What if the decisive safety challenge was no longer on the road?”.
Right from the start, the Swedish car manufacturer shows us how crush tests are carried out, from every possible angle, since every type of impact must be foreseen.

However, having reached the end, at the last test comes the twist. The car is taken to the Arctic Circle to perform the most complex test and the one that no one would ever want to happen, the fall of the vehicle from 30 meters.
But just a moment before the car is dropped, a huge glacier behind the driver detaches and slowly melts away.

Here we return to the original question, from the conductor’s face we understand that perhaps the greatest threat to our safety is not on the road. In fact, our biggest concern should be the environment and what we do to combat global warming, but not only that. A question that Volvo answers with its new vehicles, but in fact the real goal of the company is to become fully electric by 2030.


“The ultimate safety test,” Volvo’s spot for the environment