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Toberg’s “Pile”, the evolution of society in 3 minutes

From water, a fundamental element without which there would be no life, to the fake reality we live in today. Toberg, stage name Toby Auberg, has managed to condense the story of the evolution of society into just three minutes in the short film “Pile”. 

From the peasant world to the industrial revolution, from the discovery of electricity to computers, from the era of production to the era of uncontrolled consumerism, up to the creation of a digital, fake reality. 

“Pile” encapsulates all this in an almost claustrophobic narrative, which does not allow you to breathe, thanks to the technical choice of using a single continuous shot that starts from below and rises up totally impassive to what is happening. 

Once you have finished watching, it is impossible not to wonder where we are going, whether the path humanity is taking is the right one or whether we are just at the top of a pile of stuff that will soon be overwhelmed by as much useless stuff. 

Computering: Toberg
Sound Waves: Ben Goodall
Additional assets: Leto Meade, Jim Cheetham, Matt Taylor, Anita Gill, Linyou Xie, Michelle Brand
GAN animation: Erik Lintunen
Thanks to all Å(u)berg people and RCA Animation 2019
With thanks to Neville Astley, Phil Davies, and The Elf Factory LTD
MA Graduation Film, Royal College of Art

Toberg’s “Pile”, the evolution of society in 3 minutes