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“Value You”, the Bellefaire JCB new spot against child abuse

Internet could be a wonderful place if it weren’t for the dangers and pitfalls it conceals. It is a medium with infinite resources, sometimes it can also make our lives easier, but in some cases, it can become a trap.
It is precisely on this aspect that reflects Value You, the new awareness campaign by Bellefaire JCB, one of America’s largest childcare and education agencies.

Every day thousands of people are bought, sold and forced to act against their will. These victims are recruited, controlled and sexually exploited and in this context, the Internet does not make things any easier.
Often the most vulnerable children are misled by false gestures of love and deceptive phrases, thus risking violence, isolation and depersonalization.

Directed by French illustrator and animator Mandyy Wyckens and produced by STUDIO AKA, Value You seeks to educate and empower young people on these sensitive issues. With a daring and vibrant cinematic style, Mandyy’s feature plunges us into a brutal history of abuse, communicates contrasting feelings and in the meantime makes us aware of the problem.

Value You reminds everyone that it is possible to recognize danger signs in advance, that you can ask for help and receive support.

“No one can put a price tag on you. Value you.”

Words by Federica Cimorelli

“Value You”, the Bellefaire JCB new spot against child abuse