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“Women Walking” shows the reality of being a woman

Why are women always seen through a distorted and deformed lens that wants them to adhere to a false Hollywood ideal? This is the main question that drives the creative intentions of Netti Hurley, director of Stink Rising, who released her latest short film entitled “Women Walking” a few days ago.

I wanted to create a piece that spoke to a future body type, and a different range of emotions. Various scenes and vignettes that attempted to show the multifaceted realities of being a woman.

In order to combat the modern portrayal of women and question the society that would have them hypersexualised, Netti Hurley has created a conscious and characterful work that fights against the glorification of the female body.
Presenting a variety of black and white domestic scenarios in which the protagonists sunbathe, watch TV or simply walk, this short film challenges the one-sided perspective of an entire gender, the male, which pervades the media with unreal and illusory visions.

Women Walking” is a film in which women dare to show themselves as they are, a work that portrays the beauty and strength of their bodies. Watch it here.



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“Women Walking” shows the reality of being a woman