Art “Two Monsters in my Story”, a campaign against violence
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“Two Monsters in my Story”, a campaign against violence

Federica Cimorelli

Any child victim of incestuous sexual relations should be defended by institutions and protected by appropriate laws. Yet in France, until now, a child must always prove before the courts that he or she is not a consenting victim in pedocriminal situations. The current French legal situation has not yet adopted a real prevention policy for children oppressed by sexual violence, it is time to change the laws and start taking into account the specificities of incest.
Thus, the French association Face à l’inceste, in collaboration with the advertising agency Publicis Conseil and the production studio Jungler, has launched a new advertising campaign and signature collection to change things: Two Monsters in my Story.

Directed by French animator Vincent Gibaud and created by talented painter Jackson Joyce, Two Monsters in my Story illustrates the disturbing nature of the issue of consent and shows how the French justice system forces a victim to keep reliving their physical and psychological nightmare.

For a victim of abuse, proving that the act was committed with threat, aggression and coercion is a further act of violence. Those who have to justify every detail experience this as questioning or guilt. Current laws seem not to be on the side of the victim, but to support the interest of the aggressor. The structure of the criminal code in fact helps the perpetrator and in the meantime counteracts the child.

With Two Monsters in my Story, Face à l’inceste highlights the problem and sets up a fundraising campaign to change things. The association calls for three things: the proper qualification and punishment of an incestuous sexual act without a declaration of consent, the classification of this as a pedocriminal offense without the criteria of threat, violence, or coercion, and the abolition of the statute of limitations for a sexual crime.

See the campaign here, visit the official website and sign the petition.

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Words by Federica Cimorelli

Artadvertisinganimated short
Written by Federica Cimorelli
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