Style “Neoboy”, the Fall/Winter 2022 collection by UNDERCOVERISM

“Neoboy”, the Fall/Winter 2022 collection by UNDERCOVERISM

Andrea Tuzio

After the Fall/Winter 2021 collection titled “Creep Very”, today UNDERCOVER announces the return of the men’s line UNDERCOVERISM – so called until 2015 – with a new collection dubbed “Neoboy”.

The title of this Fall/Winter 2022 is based on UNDERCOVER’s Spring/Summer 2009 “Neoboy & Poptones” which had singer Patti Smith as its inspiration.
“The collection is for men of next-generation who resonate and empathize with UNDERCOVER’s ‘ism”, said Jun Takahashi, founder and leader of the Japanese brand.

40 items all in full UNDERCOVER style: asymmetrical cuts, irregular constructions and unbalanced structures that fit perfectly with the typical tailoring of the Japanese label.

Nylon jackets, blazers, checked shirts, bomber jackets, wool cardigans, hoodies, all items that recall simplicity and neutrality despite their construction. The same concept applies to the palette characterized by soft colors. 

The headpieces we see in the photos in the UNDERCOVERISM lookbook are made by French artist Anne-Valerie Dupond are not included in the collection and are not for sale.

UNDERCOVERISM’s Fall/Winter 2022 will be released on June 19 online at UNDERCOVER website and in the brand’s Japanese stores.

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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