Style Vault by Vans, Slam Jam and Julian Klincewicz, the collabo

Vault by Vans, Slam Jam and Julian Klincewicz, the collabo

Andrea Tuzio

Vault by Vans and Slam Jam have announced a series of artistic collaborations to celebrate the most diverse forms of creative expression. The first one features Polish-American artist Julian Klincewicz who, at just over 20 years old, already boasts collaborations with some of the most important figures in the fashion world such as Kanye West, Gosha Rubchinskyed and Eckhaus Latta. Moreover, he has worked on a collection consisting of eight pieces and inspired by a return to childhood, a sense of play and always with the imagination in motion.

The collection showcases the artist’s interpretation of three iconic Vans models such as the Era, Slip-on and Bold Ni, as well as an apparel line that includes a washed black jacket/pant look and a set of three t-shirts in different colors.

“With this collection, I thought a lot about myself as a 7-year-old kid obsessed with toy cars. I loved trying to play with that energy, constant movement, speed, imagination, endless creativity…exuberance even. I hoped to make the things I felt simultaneously childlike and adult – something that transcends age a bit”, Julian Klincewicz said about the project.

The entire collection will be available from January 16th on the Slam Jam webstore and in physical stores in Milan and Ferrara.

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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