Style Outdoor according to Vibram and Roa Hiking

Outdoor according to Vibram and Roa Hiking

Andrea Tuzio

A long-lasting partnership between Vibram, world leader in the development and production of high-performance rubber soles, and Roa Hiking, Italian brand of the Slam Jam family and designer Maurizio Quaglia. 

This long joint venture is enriched by a new chapter strengthening even more their bond by launching CAVE, the latest urban outdoor collection that adapts and combines the chaotic frenzy of the metropolis with the characteristics of hiking sneakers. 

For years now, hiking has become an important theme in the world of fashion and streetwear, which, thanks to experimentation and constant research into materials and new technologies, is increasingly combining expertise, performance and style.

This latest collaboration between Vibram and Roa Hiking exemplifies this trend that is constantly evolving. The CAVE capsule mixes design and performance and is inspired by the evocative atmospheres of caves and the natural landscapes they hide, taking a step further, beyond trekking, towards a sensorial expedition in the urban scenario. The collection includes the timeless Andreas model in brown suede fabric or Cordura® nylon and Katharina, the new silhouette by Roa. 

The new CAVE collection is already available on the Roa Hiking website and for the occasion, at the Vibram Connection Lab in Via Voghera 11 in Milan, it will be possible to observe an ad hoc installation dedicated to this latest collaboration between Vibram and Roa Hiking.

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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