Vile, the Portuguese street artist who deludes the viewer

10 September 2019

Vile sculpts his name in the wall through the skillful use of spray cans. You can see through it. Let's discover how.

Vile is the Portuguese graffiti artist, so skillful with spray cans that he seems to carve with a laser, the walls on which he works. He sculpts his name in concrete and stone, showing, in each letter, what is behind the wall, exactly as if the characters pierced the wall.

His career as a street artist began as a teenager. Over time he has deepened his skills with courses in animation and illustration. In practice, his are nothing more than optical illusions, which aim to show the decaying environment behind his own “canvas”. His works have been so successful thanks to the wise choice of colors and their combinations. The artist’s wise skill and patience are visible at first glance.

Text by Elisa Scotti


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