Music Vinilica vol. 112 – Sethu

Vinilica vol. 112 – Sethu

Cristiano Di Capua

Sethu‘s new single “Giro Di Notte”, a recent addition to the Carosello family, has been available everywhere since Friday, September 9. The track opens with a dreamy synth and melodic, well-structured, melancholic metrics that already let us know that a chorus is about to come barreling in on our legs reminding us that we are listening to a masterpiece. Impossible not to notice that the single produced by Jiz, his twin, sounds like a beautiful howl of a small-town boy offering us a sincere and real insight of his reality: a generation of human beings living at the mercy of uncertainties for the future, anxieties and boredom, all exorcised, however, by a warm, energetic refrain with uptempo and invigorating drums.

Needless to say, there is already a strong curiosity to hear the next singles, since we are talking about an eclectic artist who has always ranged between a lot of musical genres.
And today, on September 13, the official videoclip is also available, adding great visual value to a single that was already more than convincing. So, after his big return to the Italian scene, the Savona artist has created for us an exclusive playlist with 15 songs that have musically marked him.

Written by Cristiano Di Capua
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